Physiotherapy on Lakeshore - iOS App

Project Info:

Physiotherapy on Lakeshore is a clinic located in Port Credit, Ontario. The purpose of this iOS application is to advertise the young physiotherapy clinic in an effort to bring in new perspective clients. At the same time, the application provides users with a comprehensive database of exercises and instructions on how to correctly perform each. This serves to reduce further injury and ensure faster recovery.

This application was written in Objective-C and can be found on the Apple AppStore with close to 5000 downloads.

I was also responsible for creating all exercise images found on the application. This was done using a program that allowed me to digitally manipulate a manican's limbs.

In this project, I was responsible for designing and launching the iOS application. All data was saved locally, avoiding the need to set up and host a database. I was also responsible for the design and creation of all exercise images found on the application, this was done to avoid any copyright infringement.