Project Info:

  • Created by:
  • Tristan Secord
  • Completed:
  • In Progress
  • Skills:
  • Swift 3 / Ruby on Rails / Digital Ocean (Dokku)

MiFi is a Wi-Fi sharing application. A user will add their Wi-Fi network on the application, allowing it to be visible to other users subscribed to MiFi. Any MiFi user can then request access to this network. The owner of the network on MiFi will get a push notification notifying of the request. The owner can then grant or deny access to the network. Granting access will send an encrypted password to the requesting user. The front end is being developed using Swift 3 and the back end is being developed using Ruby on Rails and hosted on Dokku.

The application is still in the very early stages of development. The Captive Network framework was used to determine the current Wi-Fi network a user is connected to. End-to-end encryption is used as well as encrypting all passwords and vital information stored on the database. Push Notifications used to alert users of any change in application status, or pending network requests. Alamofire and SwiftyJSON frameworks are used together for HTTP requests.

In this project, I was responsible for designing and developing the application in entirety. I was also responsible for designing of logos or application assets used.