Rapid Scholar - Android App

Project Info:

  • Created by:
  • Tristan Secord
  • Completed:
  • April 2014
  • Skills:
  • Java / Android Studio

The Rapid Scholar is an Android application designed for a Queen's University cafeteria called the Lazy Scholar. Food plans at Queen’s University are composed of a certain number of ‘meals’, each ‘meal’ being the equivalent of $8.75. A meal will be deducted from the plan for the purchase of anything less than or equal to $8.75 at Queen's cafeterias. Anything over this amount will require multiple meals to cover the cost. This application dynamically shows the user what else can be purchased (based on what has already been purchased) within the limitations of the current meal.

The application starts off allowing the user to select any food being purchased from the cafeteria. Once they have all the main items selected, the user will select ‘Make it a Meal’ on the application. At this point the application will only display items in the cafeteria that can be purchased within the current meals price range. The application will continually re-adjust the menu after every additional selection is made.

In this project, I was part of a team of 2 involved in designing and developing every aspect. We attempted to follow guidelines to building a flat layout, using a simple and easy to use interface with a flat colour scheme. The application was completed in Java using the Android Studio IDE, and was developed for use on a Nexus 7 device.