Project Info:

  • Created by:
  • Tristan Secord
  • Completed:
  • In Progress
  • Skills:
  • Swift 3 / Ruby on Rails / Heroku

Check out the Skiy Demo below:

SKiY is a location tracking application. In a similar manner to Find My Friends, SKiY allows you to request a friends location, share locations with a friend, or send a location to a friend. The front end of the application was designed entirely in Swift. The back-end was developed in Ruby on Rails and hosted using Heroku. The application is still under development.

ActionCable framework used to facilitate communication between devices and server in real time via web sockets. Authentication designed to allow for a single device per account, logging out all other users upon successful sign in. End-to-end encryption implemented for transferring data between devices, as well as encrypting any vital information stored on the PostgreSQL database. iOS Push Notifications used to alert users of any changes in active sessions.

In this project, I was responsible for designing and developing the application in entirety. I was also responsible for designing of logos or application assets used.